The CIBA Archive


Now I’m prepared to knuckle down and get this project under way! This page is where I will be keeping the links to all of the articles, as I get them posted. I am missing a few of them, which is unfortunate, because I was hoping to have the complete archive here… but maybe I will come across them in my travels! 🙂

NOTE: the first few articles that I posted will open and look really tiny. Just zoom in, to read them. I think that my PDF program tried to “help” me.

CIBA Review Vol.3 “Wall Hangings” , November 1937

1.” The History of Mural Hangings” by Grete de Francesco
2. “Wall-papers” by Grete de Francesco
3. “Birds and Beasts in Wall-paper Patterns” by Grete de Francesco
4. “The History of Wall-papers in England” by J. H. Smith
5. “Modern Wall-paper Manufacture” by M. C. Neuburger
6. “Historical Gleanings” by

2 thoughts on “The CIBA Archive

  1. Hi,
    It’s great that you have the CIBA journals.
    I’m interested in the one on Purple from 1937, especially articles written by W. Born. It may be in Volume 1 but not sure.
    You can reply via my email:

    • Hey Zvi!

      I think that I do have the one on purple dyes! I’m still in the process of organizing, and reassembling the journals ( alot of the spines had split so there are A LOT of loose pages that I’m still trying to match), and of course scanning the journals! I will email you as soon as I find the journal on Purple dyes and get it scanned and posted for you! I’m so happy that someone else knows of the CIBA Journals!

      Be in touch soon!!

      Mack McK

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