And People in Hell Want Ice Water…

Today, Philadelphia just took a huge sucker punch in terms of weather. It’s got to be at least 95 degrees, and let’s face it- my house doesn’t have AC. Tons of cieling fans, but no AC.

So there was a lot of working for ten minutes and then taking a break to chug a bucket of water, and then go jump into a cold shower to cool off. Much misery was to be had by me and my puppy (who was also eventually dumped into a cold shower to cool off). However, my parrot couldn’t have been happier. He was on his best behavior when my Friend-Who-Remains-Anonymous fed him strawberries (which is really something, because usually Jack the Parrot enjoys trying to break finger bones…), and then sang for us when I sprayed him with water. So at least one of us was happy!

JackI am now safely tucked away at a friend’s house, basking in their air conditioned glory, and scanning the first article for my CIBA Review Archive, and some vintage knitting patterns, for those of you who love to knit! 🙂

In other words, it was just WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too hot to stay at my house and be surrounded by a hot iron, a hot computer, and a hot dog who thought it was the perfect weather to curl up on my free foot.