It’s Not Easy Being Green…


After many promises, and many set backs, and tears, and tantrums, and four hours doing make up, I FINALLY finished and photoed the first of my “Things That Go BUMP!!” LE collection! I call this little gem “Something Wicked”, and boy, was it ever!!

I’ve been drafting my own patterns without a sloper recently, as a sort of experiment, and di so with this dress, using a vintage photo as my inspiration for the design. Twenty seven pattern alterations later, I had to surrender, and start all over again from scratch (I had completely forgotten to add a placket extension, so when I tried to put in the buttons, it didn’t work. Then there were a plethora of pattern sizing patterns to deal with, which I think I dealt with rather well, considering that it is intended to be worn with a belt (which will cinch in the waist nicely, if I ever come across a belt that I believe would work with this dress!).

The make up is what I am particularly proud of- I did it myself, and spent four hours on it. I painted my arms, chest, neck and face. And then I also did some pretty cool detailing on my face. The wig took me another two hours to style.


All things considered, I’m thrilled that this is the first dress of my collection. And I’m also happy that the next dress does not require make up that is NEARLY as difficult to execute… or as difficult to wash off!!Image