Up to the Challenge, A Pledge for the Historical Sew Monthly Challenges

Lat year I stumbled across The Historical Sew Fortnightly, feel in love with the idea and quickly signed up with hundreds of others, to sew a challenge assignment item every two weeks.

There were some obvious issues that I had not taken into account. First, the fifty hours a week that I spent on campus, followed by the twenty hours a week I spent working on house chores, and cooking, followed by another forty hours a week I spent doing work for my store. This doesn’t take into account commuting time, various and sundry errands, homework, or cram sessions.

So to start of with I had very little time to even contemplate the challenges, let alone make them.

And then, what should have been obvious to me, is the simple fact that I was not, at that point in time, in a mental or emotional space, where I could crank out one garment every other week.
So I fell further and further behind, and just gave up entirely, in a fit of frustration.

This year, The Historical Sew Fortnightly host made some changes, the most blessed of which is that now there is an entire month to complete each challenge!! Well, heck, I can do that!

January’s challenge is “Foundations”, and being obsessed with nether wear, I’m super stoked to get started! I have about ten ideas rattling around in my mind right now, and plan on going HAM, and writing a mini-research essay, and maybe doing more than one piece!!!!!!!!!!

I’m a little bit excited.

On that note, it’s pretty early, so I’m going to go get some coffee and begin my day. Orders to fill and fabric to buy, you know! 🙂