Back From Hiatus!!

It’s been a while since my last post… A really LONG while, and I apologize for that. I had a rough semester this past spring, followed by fixing up the house for an overseas cousin to come visit, followed by two months of the overseas cosin visiting, rapidly followed by cleaning out my basement and moving The-Friend-Who-Remains-Namelss into said basement. And that’s just the things that come to mind! There were also various and sundry events and orders to fill.

The moral of my excuse is that I was maybe, kinda, sorta busy.

But now, it’s time to get back on the horse (or at least back into the office chair)!

I’ve been working on a new collection, with a matching spa line for my sister store, The Raw Spa. That’s a big thing with me, now- clothing collections with matching spa. I think it’s cute- and I love mixing up things in my kitchen.

I had to really think about this collection (estimated to be done by early January 2015). When I heard that “Fifty Shades of Grey” was being made into a movie, I jumped on the idea to make a BDSM inspired lingerie line!

This has so far, been quite an experience. Besides hours and hours of sourcing and sketching for the collection, I also had to source out suppliers for the spa line, come up with and test recipes, and, perhaps the most baffling of all, mix fragrances. Which is not like cooking, it turns out.

I will be keeping the blog up to date on future goings on with my adventure on this project!

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