In the Works: Some CREASEables

Since it’s getting close to when I start going to events around Philly, I’ve been putting in some dedicated time and research into my new origamis. I really love the kanzashi worn by geisha and maiko, but with all of the time I spend sewing other things, it’s nice to have a break from fabric and needles.

My past CREASE designs have really been a hit, but I sort of felt like I was starting to do the same four designs again, and again, and again, and again. So I went online and did some quick, superficial research on different kanzashi styles and origami foldings.

Apparently there are different colors, styles and plants associated with the different months.

January- COLORS: white, red and green
Bamboo, plum blossoms, and pine sprigs

January Kanzashi

deep pink and red
plum blossoms
feb kanzashi

yellow, white and peach
peach blossoms, narcissus, camellia, peony, and rape blossoms (it’s a plant. I swear to goblins!)
March kanzashi

pink and gold
cherry blossoms, lanterns and butterflies
April kanzashi

purple and silver
wisteria, iris, and butterfliesmay kanzashi

green, pink and blue
willow, hydrangea

june kanzashi

all it said was “fireworks”. I guess they like sparkly things that go BANG too! 🙂

morning gloryaugust kanzashi

bellflower, clover, chrysanthemum, patrinia and kudzu (no idea what the last two are)

red and white
chrysanthemumsoctober kanzashi

orange, yellow and red
maple leaves and ginko leavesnovember kanzashi

As you can see from some of the images I found (from various online sources, none of which I made, nor of which I am going to make, so pretty please if one of these is your image, don’t sue me- they’re just SO PRETTY!!!!!), and from the wealth of colors and flowers that are represented, I’ve got options.

What do you think of these sketches? Would you wear them? And, more importantly, where would you wear them?

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