Nothing wrong with a little Discipline

Today, after what was possibly THE longest production I’ve ever worked on, I realized that it was JUST GOING TO KEEP GOING. I felt drained. It’s been three months, and we won’t be going in to tech week until the end of January.

Some people might think “Hey! What are you complaining about? You just got the mother of all project extensions!” but to me, what it really means is that what is already an exhausting job when I go full speed, has been slowed down and dragged out. I feel more tired on this show, with minimal actual work, than I did when I was sleeping on the workshop floor five nights a week, hand sewing 50 Victorian gowns.

Go figure, right?

So, I decided that maybe part of the problem was just that I wasn’t sewing. I was going nuts. It didn’t matter WHAT I sewed. If some one had asked me to sew them a teddy bear , or slip covers for a new sofa, I would have cried with glee.

So, today, after cooking an army of cupcakes for my Birthday party on Sunday (yes, I bake my own cake, I’m just picky like that), I decided that I was going to buy myself a birthday present. I bought myself two “sew along” pattern sets, and I have every intention of completing the sew along’s, going day by day!! Not only will it be fun to sew items for myself, but it will give me ample opportunities to work on my sewing skills, and will keep me busy busy busy over winter break, while my shop is shut down!! 🙂

Oh. Yes. This also means there will be more frequent (SHORTER) posts as I go through my projects. Which will be fabulous! 🙂


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