In the beginning…

Welcome to my blog!
Here I will be recounting my exploits with the VLLP1912 Project, and also my adventures in creating my first full mini-collection of dresses, the Vices & Virtues: Lenore Series.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mack, and I am a costume designer for the Delaware County Community College theater. I am also an aspiring fashion designer, except that I REALLY struggle on focusing on things for extended periods of time (maybe updating this blog will help me?). I love period clothing, especially from the Civil War (mid 1800’s) right on up to the 50’s. I also adore subculture fashions: gothic, lolita, punk, cyber, fetish… I love it all. The colors, the textures, the style lines ::sigh::

I think that’s it. Oh! And I have a dog that thinks he’s a cat and a parrot that thinks he’s a dog, and also has an unfortunate sense of humor. Sometimes they help me sew (I use the term “help” very loosely…)

Please be patient with me, since I’m not ENTIRELY sure how this blogging thing works!


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